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Lennie Tristano Plays “All the Things You Are”

In the buildup to the transcriptions class I’m teaching at The Nash starting this Wednesday (June 28th, 4:30pm), I’m posting some new, and some archived transcriptions. This one is from my time at New England Conservatory. NEC has a lot … Continue reading

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Chris Potter Plays “Seven Eleven”

Starting next week (on Jun 28th), at The Nash, I’ll be teaching a 3-session class on transcription – this being the main means by which I’ve developed as a musician. We’re going to look at my process, what I do … Continue reading

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Its Been a Hard Day’s Night

Hey infrequent visitors! I disappeared for a while in the internet sphere. And I make no promises there’ll be any regular posts, but here’s what I have in the fire cooking for you… My transcriptions continue, so I intend to … Continue reading

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Go Dig!

Here are the albums I can’t stop spinning: An intricate suite of compositions revolving around a modern indie rock fusion with leanings towards the work of David Binney, Alas No Axis and the Bad Plus. A must listen! Continuing my … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Drums

There’s been a ton of good music this year, but for the last month or so, the music scene has felt slow. So rather than plug recent records, I think I’ll take inspiration from my Summer obsession – learning drum … Continue reading

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Recent Music Reviews: Ultraísta, Wires Under Tension and Soundgarden

There’s been a ton of great music being released recently…enough that I’ve nearly burned through my credit it Zia, one of our local CD stores. I’m going to hit a few highlights I recommend here. Ultraísta, by Ultraísta (8/10) Nigel Godrich, best … Continue reading

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Riffing On Audio Quality…

I’ve been ripping my CD collection to my computer for (oh, what…like) 2 years or so. I chose to use 258kbps aac files, the Apple standard for lossy encoding (meaning audio data is lost). It sounds good and yields small … Continue reading

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Chris Potter plays Pat Metheny’s “New Year”

Pat Metheny has always been one of my heroes. With Michael Brecker as a saxophone hero in the 90s, you really couldn’t miss Pat, as he was on many of Brecker’s albums, and vice versa. Well, as I’m sure most … Continue reading

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New St. Vincent, Now with Avant-Garde Master David Byrne and a Brass Band

The new David Byrne / St. Vincent record dropped today via email. Its pop, hook laden, but as odd as you’d expect from these two playful weirdos. Here’s the video for “Who”, the 1st track in the collection: I’m going … Continue reading

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Tom Waits, “Hell Broke Luce”

The wait is over! Tom teased this for a few days in a row with stills and odd slogans, only to release a fantastically odd video. It seems to be a hardened, roughneck soldier dealing with the horrors of war.

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