Go Dig!

Here are the albums I can’t stop spinning:

An intricate suite of compositions revolving around a modern indie rock fusion with leanings towards the work of David Binney, Alas No Axis and the Bad Plus. A must listen!

Continuing my obsession with drums, I can’t get enough of the playing on this record. Not only does Sanchez dominate with style, Chris Potter and David Sanchez show us just how intricate and complex these relaxed, open forms can get.

A classic, but one that’s returned to high rotation. Sco put together a live recording from some of his ing-time associations. The rapport on this set is practically psychic. Bill Stewart demonstrates why he’s a top call drummer, and Steve Swallow’s charming eccentricities are a joyous treat.

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  1. Mark H says:

    Thanks for posting this! I love Spotify and how easy it is to share music. I always love running across something new. Now I have a playlist to get me through this rainy day!


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  8. Hi Janet, it’s hard enough for me to make a story in 100 words but you manage to do it beautifully in only half that amount. Nice. Loved the reference to decay and the fact that mushrooms only grow in decay situations.

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  11. Awesome pics and awesome roomies! A foot spa after the salt palace sounds like bliss!!! But I think you're a bit confused on the convention theme…where are you getting this "GROW"…TRUST NO ONE;-)

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  19. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

  20. Thank you Diana!! I agree, they belong in the garden. I anxiously await my daughter and her man to come and help me “move” him outside. I just hope the spider stays where I can see him until they arrive. They are on their way home from a weekend in Calitzdorp.

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  25. Hallelujah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

  26. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.

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