The value of one life

Radiohead’s stage collapsed last night in Toronto, killing drum tech Scott Johnson. While I don’t know anyone involved, let me add my voice to the collective expression of sympathy for the family and friends of this person. I know I would’ve been honored to have the job he was doing and imagine it was a dream come true. I can only imagine the anguish of those left behind. May you all find peace.

But to the main point…want to see how pretentious pricks hijack a memorial thread? Read the comments at the bottom of this post…you’ll see it rapidly evolve into an attempt at valuation of life that I find sickening.

The debate is summed up simply…Radiohead’s impact on the world, in the eyes of one commenter, exceeds the worth of the drum tech who was killed in the stage collapse.

I disagree emphatically. Regardless of Radiohead’s accomplishments, a life was lost. Scott Johnson’s family will forever be changed as will the lives of everyone he would’ve interacted with. And the world has lost another voice, quiet or not.

Who are we to place worth on an individual?

So it seems a cross-section of Radiohead fans disgust me.

You are valuable. May you all recognize your worth.

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